Bookings and cancellations

Kids zipline birthday party

What is the maximum number of guests per time slot per course?

We allow groups of up to 20 people to participate on each of our zip line obstacle (maxi/mini) courses at a time. 

Party bookings commence as follows:

09h30 - 11h30

12h00 - 14h00

14h30 - 16h30

What are the supervision requirements for children?

We do have trained crew members who ensure the safety of our guests but to ensure a safe and fun experience for our young explorers (1 - 7 years old) we require parent or adult supervision. An adult (18+) must accompany, to supervise, every two children under 7 years of age on the course. Parents can either provide supervision from the ground (no charge) or participate (paying guest) on the course.

How do I secure my booking?

Bookings are advised for groups of 10 and more guests.  

To book, please email us at or contact us at 082 562 3615.  We will be in touch to confirm date and time and discuss course and party pack options. 

Your booking is secured once we receive a deposit for your party.   

Final numbers and payment must be made at least 7 days prior to your party, if not, your booking will be cancelled.

Once numbers and final payment is made to secure booking (at least 7 days before date of party), no refunds will be offered if less children arrive on the day as preparation for your party would have been finalised.

If you do decide to invite additional guests - please check with us to ensure we can accommodate them.

How do I secure my booking?

Payment may be made via:

  • EFT (bank transfer) into the Zipzoom bank account, the details of which will be provided on request or is available on your Invoice.
  • Cash payments.
  • Visa or MasterCard credit card payments.
  • Snapscan mobile payments.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

  •  No refund will be made if your booking is cancelled, a voucher will be issued to partake on an alternative yet suitable date.
  • In cases of adverse weather, we reserve the right to judge weather conditions and if the booking is cancelled by us, a voucher will be issued to partake on an alternative yet suitable date.
  • If you do not arrive on the day and time of your booking and we have not contacted you to cancel your booking (which means that the park is safe for guests to go on the courses) then you will forgo all amounts already paid.
  • If you decide to go on a cheaper course than the one you booked for or have incorrectly booked, you will still be responsible for the full booking fee (i.e. if bookings are made for children without adhering to the specified age and or height restrictions).
  • If you arrive with less people than you booked for, you will still be responsible for the entire booking fee.

Can I reschedule my booking?

  • You may reschedule your booking at any time up to 7 days before your current booking.
  • If we contact you to cancel because of  bad weather on the day of your booking, you will be able to reschedule on an alternative but suitable date at no extra cost.
  • If you expect the weather conditions to be bad on the day, you will have to wait and see if Zipzoom closes on the day.  If we do, we will reschedule your booking to an available date and time that suits you.

Indemnity form download

Indemnity Form - ZIPZOOM (pdf)